Steel Solutions


Understood and wanted to improve the quality of steel's products to meet the demands of Contractor. Using years of experience in the steel industry, VIỆT ÂN Has researched and formed POVINA steel limited company.

POVINA - A total solutions from materials, shop drawing to Outsourcing will reduce the cost of construction.

I. Traditional of Constructing steel

1.Develop traditional way of shop drawing.

2.Gathering material: raw and processed steel at site.

3.Raw material & steel finished steel are assembling outdoor.

4.Un-professional worker

5.Lack of equipment


– Wasting space for assembling.

– Rusted and corrosion steel.

– High Steel scrap.

– Effecting cash flow

II. POVINA’s Solution Constructing steel

1.Faster Construction Process

2.Cost saving solution

3.Analyze how to shorten construction progress

4.Shop center

5.Cutting and bending Steel at factory

6.Process follow the construction schedule


– Best price on the market

– Reduce steel lost

– Shorten construction time

Analysis Table When Applying The Solution From Povina

Sample: 1 Project has 10,000 ton of steel, duration 1 year, Rebar Price: 11 Million/ton, Interest rate: 7%/ year